VWS AJAX Demo Page using WeatherFlash data files

Note: A red flash indicates the condition has changed since the last update.
AJAXed variables are shown in this color. Mouseover AJAXed value to see name of variable in tooltip (except for AJAXed images).

Updated: ^vst142^ ^vst143^ Currently Average High Low Rate High Rate Low Rate
Temperature ^vxv007^ ^uni007^ ^vva007^ ^uni007^ ^vhi007^ ^uni007^
^vlo007^ ^uni007^
^vvr007^ ^uni007^/hr. ^vrh007^ ^uni007^/hr.
^vrl007^ ^uni007^/hr.
Dew Point ^vxv022^ ^uni022^ ^vva022^ ^uni022^ ^vhi022^ ^uni022^
^vlo022^ ^uni022^
^vvr022^ ^uni022^/hr. ^vrh022^ ^uni022^/hr.
^vrl022^ ^uni022^/hr.
Humidity ^vxv005^^uni005^ ^vva005^^uni005^ ^vhi005^^uni005^
^vvr005^^uni005^/hr. ^vrh005^^uni005^/hr.
Heat Index ^vxv021^ ^uni021^ ^vva021^ ^uni021^ ^vhi021^ ^uni021^
^vlo021^ ^uni021^
^vvr021^ ^uni021^/hr. ^vrh021^ ^uni021^/hr.
^vrl021^ ^uni021^/hr.
Wind Chill ^vxv019^ ^uni019^ ^vva019^ ^uni019^ ^vhi019^ ^uni019^
^vlo019^ ^uni019^
^vvr019^ ^uni019^/hr. ^vrh019^ ^uni019^/hr.
^vrl019^ ^uni019^/hr.
Wind Direction
(^vvx001^ ^uni001^)
^vva001^ ^uni001^ ^vhi001^ ^uni001^
^vlo001^ ^uni001^
^vvr001^ ^uni001^/hr. ^vrh001^ ^uni001^/hr.
^vrl001^ ^uni001^/hr.
Wind Speed ^vvx002^ ^uni002^
^vva002^ ^uni002^ ^vhi002^ ^uni002^
^vlo002^ ^uni002^
^vvr002^ ^uni002^/hr. ^vrh002^ ^uni002^/hr.
^vrl002^ ^uni002^/hr.
Wind Gust ^vvx003^ ^uni003^ ^vva003^ ^uni003^ ^vhi003^ ^uni003^
^vlo003^ ^uni003^
^vvr003^ ^uni003^/hr. ^vrh003^ ^uni003^/hr.
^vrl003^ ^uni003^/hr.
UV Index ^vvx017^
^vva017^ ^vhi017^
^vvr017^ /hr. ^vrh017^ /hr.
^vrl017^ /hr.
Solar Radiation ^vvx018^ ^uni018^ ^vva018^ ^uni018^ ^vhi018^ ^uni018^
^vlo018^ ^uni018^
^vvr018^ ^uni018^/hr. ^vrh018^ ^uni018^/hr.
^vlo018^ ^uni018^/hr.
Evapotranspiration ^vvx018^ ^uni018^ ^vva018^ ^uni018^ ^vhi018^ ^uni018^
^vlo018^ ^uni018^
^vvr018^ ^uni018^/hr. ^vrh018^ ^uni018^/hr.
^vlo018^ ^uni018^/hr.
Raw Barometer ^vvx008^ ^uni008^ ^vva008^ ^uni008^ ^vhi008^ ^uni008^
^vlos008^ ^uni008^
^vvr008^ ^uni008^/hr. ^vrh008^ ^uni008^/hr.
^vrl008^ ^uni008^/hr.
Raw Barometer Trend ^vst139^
Sea Level Barometer ^vvx023^ ^uni023^ ^vva023^ ^uni023^ ^vhi023^ ^uni023^
^vlos023^ ^uni023^
^vvr023^ ^uni023^/hr. ^vrh023^ ^uni023^/hr.
^vrl023^ ^uni023^/hr.
SL Pressure Trend ^vst140^
Rain Rate ^vxv124^ ^uni124^ Daily Rain ^vxv121^ ^uni121^ Monthly Rain ^vxv129^ ^uni129^ Yearly Rain ^vxv009^ ^uni008^
Daily Wind Run ^vxv125^ ^uni125^ Monthly Wind Run ^vxv132^ ^uni132^ Yearly Wind Run ^vxv135^ ^uni135^
Heat Stress ^vst136^ Comfort Level ^vst137^ Forecast ^vst138^
Daily Cooling DD ^vxv127^ Monthly Cooling DD ^vxv131^ Yearly Cooling DD ^vxv134^
Daily Heating DD ^vxv126^ Monthly Heating DD ^vxv130^ Yearly Heating DD ^vxv133^